Daniel Chersky – Absolute returns from small to mid cap ASX

17 Nov 2020

Delivering returns of 13.38% over the past 6 months (to May 2020), Daniel from Alceon chats with David. Daniel and David discuss the Alceon High Conviction Absolute Return Fund, and dig into how Daniel thinks about running the absolute return focused strategy. The fund, which takes a fundamental, research-driven, high conviction approach in a benchmark unaware fashion, has delivered returns of 13.38% over the past 6 months (to May 2020 and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic). Having run successful positions in NextDC (NXT), Wisr (WZR), Getswift (GSW) & Bingo Industries (BIN), Daniel outlines some of the approaches taken by the team at Alceon that have allowed them to capitalise on identified opportunities. Daniel also highlights the team’s agility and readiness to make tactical changes as necessary — and gives specific examples of each from recent years.

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