Gerald Stack – A train set for Christmas

17 Nov 2020

Sometimes presents that may be perceived as “boring” can eventuate into the most exciting gifts that you have received. The Magellan Infrastructure Fund invests in listed assets with exposure to sectors such as toll roads, airports, rail and utilities. Gerald describes these assets as highly reliable, predictable and boring. However, Gerald and I discuss how investing in such assets has allowed the fund to return 20% during the last 12 months and generate returns of over 14% p.a. during the last 10 years (as of November 2019). Gerald mentions that the fund is not designed for individuals to get rich quick, but rather to generate wealth with a high degree of confidence. The fund targets long term returns of inflation + 5%, with low downside capture. The Magellan Infrastructure Fund manages around $8.5bn and is invested in listed infrastructure assets around the world.

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