A team that takes an innovative new approach

Industry-leading experience is just the starting point. At Koda Capital we choose to enrich our knowledge and expertise with innovative new ideas, fresh insights, and a willingness to adapt to change. Our collective vision is to provide you with the best advice available, unencumbered by conflicts, product alignments, or sales-driven goals.

Talented advisers at the core of our business

We hand pick the best and brightest advisers and analysts in the business, and we demand exceptional levels of expertise, service, and integrity.

Your Koda adviser will work closely with you to understand your position and priorities, manage your wealth, and assess and adjust your investment strategy as circumstances dictate. Our advice is underpinned by the best-informed talent in the investment business.

Specialist teams that complete the holistic offering

The specialists on our structuring and tax, investment strategy, philanthropy & social capital, and family leadership teams work with your Koda adviser to bring you the best holistic wealth management offering available. 

Regardless of whether you plan to leverage the skills of one - or all four - of the Koda specialist teams, they are consistently available to you as a Koda client. 

The advice we provide is independent and impartial, and each recommendation will be based on one overriding factor: the strength it will add to your financial position.

Ben Andreou

Head of Structuring and Tax & Partner

Lisa Gay

Non-Executive Director

Paul Heath

Chief Executive Officer & Partner

David Knowles

Head of Philanthropy & Social Capital | Partner

Chris Wilson

Philanthropy & Social Capital | Partner